Word of the President

Kodiak SA was created in 2001 to answer the constantly growing demand in the field of security and training. Since then, we opened branches in England and in Nova Scotia - Canada.

Through close cooperation with the major names in the Industry, we are able to offer you the best products on the market.

The long experience of our staff in those various fields ensures our company the correct analysis and the adapted solution to your most specific requests.

Fluent in six languages, our staff can develop close relationship with our customers around the world.

Alberto De Vita, President & CEO.

About us

Simulation is the core business of our company. Our expertise in the interactive judgemental simulation training combined with 25 years in international business give us the ability to develop the system adapted to your needs.

Our high quality standards and dedicated customer service made our reputation. By building and integrating the system in Luxembourg, we obtained the European Certificate of Origin.