Working closely with a staff of high experienced professionnal instructors with many years of active duty in various military & police 'elite' units, we are able to offer you a variety of training solutions, to match your most specific needs.

1. Programs modules for professionnals.

• Airlines: pilot and flight attendant / security and first reaction;
• News agencies: reporters travelling in dangerous areas;
• Multinationals: exexutive staff assigned in unsafe countries.

2. Taylor made options

The staff is in permanent contact with the special units of all countries and constantly trains with the latest techniques. This enables us to create a training program to suit the requirements of our most demanding clients. The program covers every facet of the training:

• Mental awareness;
• Physical preparation;
• Safety course;
• Use of equipment.

3. All about training

• Boby guard from A to Z;
• Defensive / high speed driving (armoured / non armoured cars);
• Combat / defensive shooting (all weapons);
• Non lethal weapon;
• Hand to hand combat.