Our panels can also be applied to various targets for more precise customisation of the training to specific targets.

The photosensitive patches receive the laser pulse, which is sent to the detection system connected to it. The solution for improving your shooting skill, thanks to the possibility of repetition and immediate checking of results.

Our SimuTarget system is available in multiple solutions, according to need.

Detection Systems

There are five types of hit detection systems:

This system is very complete and enables the instructor to monitor the session remotely, on a computer:
- up to 120 participants in action,
- who has been hit,
- in which part of the body,
- how many times within what time.

At the end of the training session, the instructor can print out the results for each participant or for all. Thanks to a sophisticated radio system, great distances can be reached, even exceeding 500 meters

Remote circuit with 5 zones:
A circuit is fitted to the jacket and memorizes the zones hit; it cannot be reset to zero by the instructor.

Basic sound vibrator:
Each jacket is equipped with a basic sound vibrator, which signals to its user that one of the cells applied to the jacket has been hit by the laser pulse.

High-power sound vibrator:
When shooting with blank cartridges, the basic sound vibrator can be replaced by a high-power sound vibrator.

During night training, requiring silence, the noisy sound vibrator can be exchanged for a silent vibration device that the user wears round his neck.

Killing House

For improved development of complex training sessions, simulating real conditions in different places, we have available an extremely flexible structure, which can be used to recreate places such as offices, abandoned houses, warehouses etc. - the Killing House.