Our vests are extremely practical and comfortable to wear and are adaptable to all sizes. By means of extremely thin and flexible, photosensitive patches, they record the coded laser pulse emitted by the weapon when fired, as if this were a live round. Within the circuit, an audible warning by means of a vibrator informs the wearer that he has been hit.

In its "basic" version, the jacket consists of two large patches, one in front and one behind. Various other options are available: patches over the shoulders, the sides, the arms, the legs and the head.

On request, it is also possible to incorporate the system in your jackets, fitting them with patches of various shapes and dimensions to meet the most demanding training requirements.

The AG lasers

An essential part of our training systems consists of the laser devices, the function of which is to replace the live rounds during training sessions. There are two types of laser, one for installation inside the barrel (hand guns) and one outside (long guns).

This can be fitted inside the Action Gun barrels of blank pistols, in gas pistols and in blank pistols modified for the purpose.

Its mounting system makes it a single piece with the barrel.

It enables the gun to be used with or without a round (blank).

The laser pulse duration is 1.5 thousandths of a second and it is barely visible to the naked eye. It reaches considerable distances, greater than 100 metres.

The AG400 external laser with ON-OFF system

This can be used with long guns. Manufactured in corrosion-resistant light alloy, it is designed to withstand the worst training conditions. It is fitted with a special, three-position switch: pulse mode, off mode and continuous light mode for alignment with the gun sight line.

It enables the weapon to be used with or without rounds (live or blank). The laser pulse duration is 1.5 thousandths of a second and it is barely visible to the naked eye. It reaches considerable distances, greater than 100 metres.

Adapter for AG400 laser

Possibility of a special adapter, enabling the AG400 laser to be mounted on long guns. It can also be solidly fixed to the outside of the barrel by means of a small strap.

Arms used

If it considered undesirable to train with service pistols, we can supply blank barrels that are interchangeable with your own. This will enable you to use your firearm with blank ammunition to maintain the sound, recoil and operating cycle of the weapon and simulate shooting with live rounds. We also offer the possibility of using blank firing pistols, which can be used with special, harmless rounds that still guarantee the full operating cycle. Possibility of using soft-air pistols with gas operated breech block.

Action-Gun-Gun Blank Barrel and Ammunition, cal. 9 mmAG.

The blank barrels replace the barrels of your guns without any other modification, (the magazine can still be used) and enable training sessions or shooting competitions to be carried out anywhere in complete safety.

The Action Gun cartridges have a special shape and are for single use, i.e. cannot be reprimed. Their shape means that there can be no loading error. We use a lead-free priming. The Action Gun ammunition produces a noise level below 90 dB, so that ear protection is not required. They contain a small charge, so that little gas is discharged to the air and special ventilation is not required. The Action Gun ammunition guarantees a very realistic operating cycle of the gun mechanism.